Original Map: South Sinjar and Albu Mutaywit tribal areas


Map created by myself showing the south Sinjar region with an approximation of the areas inhabited by the Sunni Arab tribe of Albu Mutaywit, first published on 12 December 2015 with the inaugural post for Jazirology (full size). My main sources for this area are the lists of villages given in these two forum posts, cross-checked with publicly-available online map resources and, in a few cases, with geographical coordinates found in cables from the WikiLeaks Iraq War Diaries collection.

This should not be taken to mean that every single human living in this area is of Albu Mutaywit (although very many certainly are), and I will note that I am somewhat unsure of the actual extent of the southern and northeastern “appendages” due to generally poor map coverage of the area; it’s entirely possible that some aspect or another of this rendering is erroneous.

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